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Insurance Protection

People are easy and careless; they buy insurance for a car which can be replaced but not insuring a life that cannot be replaced.

Along comes the burden of managing what’s left – household expenses, children’s education, mortgage, car loan, etc. This can be taken care of by getting your life insured for the life of your loved ones.

A lot of wives have come looking for insurance at the time that they are already pregnant. While it is now compulsory for the insurance to cover the pregnancy regardless of its stage, it does not come cheap as insurance companies calculate the risk and expect the worst that can happen. You can plan to have a family and pay less by getting an insurance policy with a good maternity package ahead of time.

Some people will buy insurance looking at the cost and not the benefits. A third party liability can cover for the damage of the other car, but who pays for fixing yours? Who shoulders the hospitalization of your passenger? This can be handled well if you opted for a comprehensive insurance just by adding less than a thousand bucks.

People don’t realize that the essence of the insurance is simple – you won’t need it until you need it.

Make sure your family and assets are protected. Better be prepared than sorry.